Bathroom Remodeling Walkthrough

We are remodeling experts. We’re really good at taking old, ugly, outdated bathrooms and making them updated, functional, and gorgeous! Our typical bathroom remodeling projects include:
Remodeling a guest or kids bathroom with a new, fresh look.
Remodeling or adding a powder room after you finish remodeling your kitchen for good.
Remodeling or expanding an outdated, small bathroom into a master spa suite oasis.

What’s it going to cost?

The first question you’re probably asking is, “how much is this going to cost?” The answer is going to vary based on the size of your bathroom, the scope of the project and the type of finishes you select. Here are some examples of recent project costs. These are meant only to give you an idea of what to expect:
Bathroom 1 (7′ x 9′ secondary bath remodel)

Remove shower, floors, cabinet, fixtures and two windows. Replace shower with bathtub/shower combo; replace windows with new vinyl, double-glazed windows; Provide and install new cabinet and sink; Provide and install tile in shower w/ border; Install tile floor; Provide and install all plumbing fixtures; Install new mirror; Provide and install glass shower doors; Patch and paint drywall to new, smooth finish.
Approximate cost: $14,500
Bathroom 2 (7′ x 10′ master bath remodel)

Demolish space and expand bathroom to 11′ x 10′ including 10′ x 5′ walk-in closet; Build new 4′ x 5′ custom shower with hot-mopped pan; Replace windows with new vinyl, double-glazed windows; Provide and install two new cabinets, sinks and granite counter tops; Provide and install tile in shower – including glass-lined border and glass mosaic soap dish; Provide and install tile floor; Provide and install plumbing fixtures; Install new mirrors; Provide and install new frameless glass shower door; Install all new drywall, tape and mud to new, smooth finish; Provide and install 8′ x 18″ matching linen cabinet; Provide and install two new solid-core pocket doors.
Approximate cost: $29,700
Bathroom 3 (25′ x 15′ master bathroom remodel)

Demolish space and re-configure separate shower and bath-tub; Replace 4 windows with new solid wood, double-glazed windows; Provide and install 15′ of custom vanity cabinets, including custom hamper; Provide and install custom above-counter cabinets; Provide and install custom trim in vanity; Provide and install tub and fixtures; Provide and install high-end bath fixtures; Provide and install Carrara marble vanity counter, bath deck and shower bench; Provide and install Carrara marble mosaic floor; Build custom linen closet with custom cabinets including roll-out drawers; Drywall, mud and paint to smooth finish; Provide custom framelss glass shower enclosure, Provide and install custom mirrors.
Approximate cost: $55,40

Of course, your project is unique. That’s why we’ll start with a design and estimate specific to your space and requirements. Here’s how your job will proceed:
Initial meeting and consultation – You talk, we listen. Once we understand 3-D Rendering of Bathroom your requirements we’ll come up with ideas. When you’re ready, we’ll turn those ideas into a 3-D design and a complete, detailed written proposal.
Design Revision – You’ll review our design and give us your input. We’ll make modifications and give you a new proposal of the cost of the project.
Contract- We’ll give you a detailed, written contract explaining everything we’re going to do. The contract will include a payment schedule that’s tied to milestones. It will also include allowances for materials. These allowance figures are based on the types of finishes you are interested in. The values of the allowances are based on actual prices from our vendors and are not “best-guesses.” They allow you to stay within your contract budget. The contract also explains that any change orders are to be approved by you -in writing – before any additional work is done.
What’s a change order? A change order is additional work that is requested by you, outside the scope of the contract after work has begun.
Begin Work – First, we’ll pull the required city permits. Work in your home always begins by securing the other areas in your home from dust and debris. This includes walls and carpets.
Select Finishes – We will accompany you to our vendors where you will select plumbing fixtures like toilets, sinks, faucets and bath and shower fixtures; tile; granite, marble or other solid surfaces; and cabinets. We’re always by your side to answer questions and provide advice.
Continue Work- Work will continue every day with minimal (if any) downtime. You’ll constantly be updated about the status of your project via phone or email. You can always reach us with questions – and you’ll get answers right away. Work will include inspections from the local building department to make sure everything is up-to-code.
Complete Work – Once work is complete we’ll ask you to go through The Finished Bathroom make a list of corrections. This is called the “punch list,” and it typically includes paint touch-ups and minor items that are part of every project.
Enjoy Your New Bathroom – This is the most important part, and it’s why we treat every project like it’s our own home.
We’re sure you’ll be 100% satisfied. We offer a 1-year warranty on defects from material and workmanship. In fact, almost all of our clients have hired us for more than one project. How many other contractors can say that?

The only way you’ll find out how to de-uglify your bathroom is to contact us today. We’ve made it very easy.